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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Work on Community Boat Restarts

We are delighted that SSE staff at Uskmouth Power Station have again been able to commenced work on our Community Boat.

The re-plating of worn sections of the steel hull have been completed, with some superb quality welding.  The rudders at either end have been carefully removed and repositioned nearer to the propellers, which means that this large craft will have an improved tiller response.

Work is now well under way to re-model the cabin sides to create new passenger doors and additional larger window openings.  This will allow easier passenger boarding and improved vision from the cabin.  Once this job is done, it’s then on to cleaning down the hull, removing years of rust and flaking paint before re-painting can commence.

On a sadder note, we are extremely sorry to hear about the staff redundancies and impending closure of the Power Station.  We wish those affected all the very best for the future.  We are extremely grateful to remaining staff at SSE Uskmouth, who have had a very difficult couple of years, for continuing with our project."