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Thursday, 10 May 2012

We've Got The Power - Thanks to EnerSys, Newport

Two hundred years ago pulling power provided by horses enabled the canal system to function. On the Mon and Brec one horse, two men and a boat replaced around two hundred horses - it was an amazing development in transportation at the time. Previously horses and carts and packhorses provided the main form of transport across country. The Industrial Revolution changed everything. Today it's all about engine power and our Community Boat will be electrically operated. However - we needed new batteries and they do not come cheap!

A solution to the problem was required - a Power/Full Solution - that we are delighted to announce has been provided by EnerSys Newport. EnerSys have very generously donated all the batteries that will be needed to operate the boat so now we've literally got the power to move forward - and it's environmentally friendly too! Our heartfelt thanks go to EnerSys Newport for their generous support of our project. 

It's all smiles from everyone at EnerSysNewportA big thank you to
Huw Leonard (Plant manager), Mark Laskey (Cell 3 Manager),
Sue Price (Reception), Wayne Coldrick (Applications Manager)
and, on the Fork Lift Truck Jason Price.